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WHITE VINYLThe greatest Pacific Northwest heavy metal band you've never heard now claims its rightful place upon the jeweled throne of TRUE METAL! XINR (ex-sinner) was formed in Portland, Oregon in 1983 and recorded the tracks that comprise this singular posthumous vinyl collection in 1984 after months of rigorous writing and rehearsing. Here is honest denim clad rock with no "die hard" frills and no bullshit image gimmicks, the perfect antidote to modern music's overblown and self-aware pretense. What we have are mid-paced headbangers woven together with a dual guitar attack that recalls K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton as they traded in their bellbottoms for red and black leather. Uncompromising vocals channel the outlaw ethos of Bon Scott and the theatrical enunciation of Alice Cooper while driving the music forward with positive energy and conviction. So what the hell happened? Tragically, vocalist Tony Saiz and guitarist Shaun Tramel were killed in a motorcycle accident en route to their rehearsal room the night before a gig in Portland on November 30th, 1984 and the band understandably never recovered from this devastating loss. In 1985 XINR appeared on the otherwise unremarkable Pacific Metal Project compilation with their defining song Ever Present Angel and then went their separate ways, leaving the unheard demo tracks languishing in obscurity until 2008 when Stormspell Records released a CD to commemorate the anniversary of Tony and Shaun's premature demise. This fully authorized UNSEEN FORCES collection is the first (and only) full length XINR LP to ever appear on vinyl! Eleven powerful and instantly unforgettable 'eavy rockers pressed to white vinyl with lyric sheet and liner notes. "You can't run, you can't hide no matter what you do! Don't you know the hills have eyes and they've got their eyes on....YOU!"

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