Agressor (Col.) "Llamas de muerte - Complete 1986/87"  Gatefold DLP Vergrößern

Agressor (Col.) "Llamas de muerte - Complete 1986/87" Gatefold DLP

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Death/Thrash Metal

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Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
After reissueing Colombian underground milestones such as Blasfemia, Restos De Tragedia and the iconic "Estamos en la sima" compilation, F.O.A.D. is back to digging into the obscure roots of the legendary Ultra Metal scene born in Medellín in the mid '80s. This time it's the turn of Agressor, a pioneering, extremely raw unit delivering the ugly, barbaric sounds that were peculiar to that area and were portraying a nightmarish reality of crimes, drugs and misery. As some say "it's not Metal, it's not Hardcore... it's ULTRA METAL". Double LP anthology collecting all their 80's recordings, consisting of: "Ensayo 1986" (early demo), recordings for "Rodrigo D. No Futuro" (1987), complete session at "Estudio Tiempos Modernos" (1987), live at Aeropuerto "Olaya Herrera", 1987. Gatefold sleeve with rare photos, flyers and a detailed history (in Spanish and English) written in collaboration with the band's guitarist Antonio Guerrero, explaining how - with the shittiest equipment and instruments - he managed to achieve that crude primitive sound that characterized not only Agressor but also other bands he was in (Sacrilegio and Masacre) and inspired hordes of death thrashin' maniacs all over the world. Sheer caveman brutality channelled through the rawest Metal ever created!

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