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Necroscope (Pol.) "Issue 33" Zine

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33# NEKRO SCOPE Metalzine for 25th.anniversary!
Interviews are: PNEUMA HAGION (USA), DEATH KULT (Colombia), EGGS OF GOMORRH (Switzerland), INTO THE CAVE, MORBID PERVERSION, KROMORTH (Brazil), KATARI, PUTRID (Peru), TIRAN (Russia), NECROBLOOD (France), HELL’S CORONATION, ABHORRENT FUNERAL (Poland), COMMUNION, EJECUTOR (Chile), UNPURE (Sweden). Furthermore: “Pearls from Abyss” including old reviews and interviews with CHRIST AGONY, DEMENTOR taken from old issues. “Vinyl Mania”- article tribute to some 7”EP’s. Finally about 220 reviews of underground (only!) music and zines!!! All in all 154 pages A5 written in English.

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