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Nuit Noire (Fra.) "Inner Light" LP

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Originally recorded in 2003, ‘Inner Light’ has been unreleased until now and only distributed sparsely amongst tape traders close to the band.

‘Inner Light’ showcases 8 songs that were recorded after the ‘Lutina’ EP on Drakkar productions. They feature Tenebras on guitar and vocals, and Akhron on drums (who played drums on all the NN demos and the EP). This debut set includes their lead track, ‘Lutina’ as well as seven other Nuit Noire songs of a similar caliber.

For any Nuit Noire fan who has emerged over the year,. and especially those of you who savor the early material like the demos or the ‘Lutina’ EP, then this is truly a special moment. ‘Inner Light’ showcases Nuit Noire in all of their wildness and fury with that acute ear for tuneful riffs and ethereal tone. Tenebras is at the peak of his eccentricities and guitar sorcery. Akhron is playing at his highest velocity and power (albeit, sometimes exceeding even his own ability). ‘Inner Light’ is the clearest vision of Nuit Noire, and you can hear it across all these focused and brilliant songs, and it’s a shame that the world has had to wait so long to hear it.

That is not to say that this recording is out of line with the album that followed, ‘Lunar Deflagration’ or any Nuit Noire material for that matter. They have always had a very one-track mind in terms of their theme: the enchantment of night time, the mystery of the untainted forest, and the insistence of the realness of magic and forces beyond the understanding of humanity. Of course, the subject matter on ‘Inner Light’ is no exception with tracks like “In the very, very old forest” and “Moonbath”.

Please join us in celebrating this much-delayed release, presented with original artwork drawn by Tenebras, unreleased band photos from the era, and of course the inimitable music. This LP comes with an uncoated-stock cover and insert - limited to 500 copies.

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