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Sickness (US) "Plague: Ornaments of Mutilation and More" CD

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Sickness was formed in 1992 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and played (Florida) death metal. They recorded one demo in 1994, a full lenght album ‘Ornaments of Mutilation’ in 1995, and a five track promo in 1997. During these last sessions they also re-recorded two tracks from their 1995 debut album. The same year they also recorded four tracks which haven’t been released so far. All these tracks, 22 in total, are now compiled on this release: ‘Plague: Ornaments of Mutilation and more...’. The booklet contains extensive liner notes with Gus Rios and Sergio Cesario, based on an interview by Pim Blankenstein (Lords of Metal webzine). Sickness vocalist Kyle Simmons played with Malevolent Creation (2001- 2006) and so did current Gruesome drummer (and founding Sickness member) Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation 2010-2014). Gus’ brother and Sickness guitar player Hector also plays with Gus and Kyle in Upon Infliction. Compilation album line up: Eric Dillon: Bass, Gus Rios: Drums, Sergio Cesario: Guitars, Hector Rios: Guitars, Kyle Symons: Vocals. During their five years of excistence,  Sickness played live with Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel, At The Gates and Acheron amongst others.



1. Anatomy of Murder                                 

2. Cold Bitch                                      

3. Necrosick                                      

4. Burn the Soul                                

5. Putrid Incest                                  

6. Postmortal Ceremony                              

7. Deceased                                       

8. I Am Christ                         

Promo 1997:                        

9. Yes, I Killed Her                               

10. Domestic Enthrallment                  

11. Murder King                       

12. Food for Worm                   

13. Plague

Additional and re-recorded tracks 1997: 

14. Controlled With a Knife

15. No Means Yes

16. Union of the Sick

17. Your Time Has Come

18. Anatomy of Murder (Rerecorded Version)

19. I Am Christ (Rerecorded Version)

Torture of Excistence demo 1994:

20. Bodily Entombed

21. Marriage of the Flesh

22. Torture of Existence 

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