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Terozin (Bg) "Issue 5" Zine

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Started in the nuclear winter of 2015 and finished under the same acid rain in dec/2016, TEROZIN #5 is here to cut and paste your sore eyes with 166 copies. Noise-dealing, violence driven and zero fucks given...here are the underworld troops, emerging from mutilation and pain (in order of appareance):

- MALOKARPATAN (black/heavy metal ghouls dwelling the Slovakian mountains)
- ATONEMENT (bomb squad unit from Barcelona/ex-Demonic War)
- BLOODY VENGEANCE (warfare noise dealers of mockery from Leipzig)
- FLAME ACAUSAL (the most extreme, violent black metal from nowadays Sweden)
- HORNS & HOOVES (consecrating the eternal hate through primitive black metal, US)
- RIPPER (the chilean response to the old Sadus/Sepultura cult)
- TYRANTS OF HELL (Play fast or die slow in Tampa, Florida)
- DREADFUL RELIC (soundtrack to the tyrannical emerging of ancient Greek gods)
- PRESUMED DEAD (the gory deathrash attackers from Italy)
- CH'AHOM (evil chants from ancient, primitive times)
- IMPURE ZIGGURAT (spells from the lost, pre-human civilizations)
- PLAGUE (tortured souls gathering in Sofia/Bulgaria to blast unholy blackened deathrash)
- IMPALE JESUS (dismal 90's tones of putrid death/doom...Bulgaria)
- OBERON (thrashing ultra metal from the early 90's...Bulgaria)

Besides these survivors, the contamination box consists a lot of reviews, articles on how to kill yourself like a MAN, the life in the mental institutions (by Ville/Perverse Gospel) and other random schizophrenic mumblings...

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