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Unholy (Fin.) "Towards Unknown Mysteries" 8 Tape Boxset

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Death/Doom Metal

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Official 8-tape delux boxset with the full discography from Finnish Death/Doom pioneers UNHOLY.

Housed in a luxorious heavy casewrapped box. The box includes the complete band biography on 8 tapes including the classic HOLY HELL demo “Kill Jesus”, an alternative tape-inlay for the third cult-demo “Trip To Depressive Autumn” a massive booklet (124 pages) with many pictures, interviews, reviews and liner notes from the band members, a big shaped logo-patch (about 19x13cm), 4 postcards, 3 posters and a certificate.

Tape 1: Holy Hell – Kill Jesus
Tape 2: Procession Of Black Doom
Tape 3: Demo 11.90
Tape 4: Trip To Depressive Autumn
Tape 5: From The Shadows
Tape 6: The Second Ring Of Power
Tape 7: Rapture
Tape 8: Gracefallen

This box is limited to 333 handnumbered copies only.

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