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Eviscerate (NZ) "Severely Butchered Remains" Tape

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Death Metal

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New Zealand tormentors Eviscerate's first demo ‘Severely Butchered Remains’ was originally self-released and circulated by the band in 1993, Christchurch.
This underground slab of barbaric evil death metal retching and heaving its incessant tortures upon the world. Resurrected to kill and sodomize again 25 years later.
All proper interference with corpses via Convictus Tapes...
Featuring members of Meat Yard, Molested Entrails, Sinistrous Diabolus, and Witchrist.
This release is dedicated to Rob "Necrosadism" RIP (1971 - 2015). First edition of 100 pro-duplicated cassettes with Sticker and J-Card 50 copies on Red Card

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