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Root (CZ) "Into Dark Crypts" Tape Boxset

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Black Metal

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Darkness Shall Rise Productions
DSR 014

13-Tape Box featuring all albums and demos from the czech masters of Black-/Dark Metal.

This regular edition is limited to 222 pieces and contains 13 Tapes, a special booklet in the old school fanzine stile, a patch and a handnumbered and signed certificate.

1. War of Rats / Reap of Hell / Messengers from Darkness
2. The Trial / Live at Death Metall Session Vol.II
3. Zjeveni
4. Hell Symphony
5. The Temple in the Underworld
6. Kärgeräs
7. The Book
8. Black Seal
9. Madness of the Graves
10. Capturing Sweden - Live in Falkenberg
11. Casilda + Bonussongs
12. Deamon Viam Invenient
13. Heritage of Satan

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