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Khaos Aura (Nor.) "Born of this Fire" LP

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By force of winter's wind, sweeping over frozen Norwegian tundra the violence of Khaos Aura emerges, with a howling ice cold battle cry.
Despondent and anti-Christian at the root , like true practitioners of these dark arts’ past, the battle rages on.
Led by Scorned who has written and recorded the album, Born of This Fire and assisted by Torkus of Tornekrans, on ferocious session Drums, the pair rages through an album that at its sonic heart could be equal parts old Darkthrone & Gorgoroth as it could be Seigneur Voland or Judas Iscariot. Malevolent, hateful & cold but with a presence of melodic grandiose beauty. Like watching the victor emerging from a battlefield fog, sword dripping with blood, gloriously having conquered new realms. Khaos Aura stands firmly in its roots wielding their war-craft in defiance of all the new age brings..
7 songs recorded during the coldest and darkest months of Norwegian winter. Released in a season of light, to bring darkness.
An age and an Aura of Khaos. Born of this fire.

LP version presented with a double side print foldover cover, limited to 150 copies.

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