Neu Osculum Infame (Fra.) "L'a aem'nh s'ha-t'n" LP Vergrößern

Osculum Infame (Fra.) "L'a aem'nh s'ha-t'n" LP

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Black Metal

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The masterpiece of the band demo era!

For the first time, you'll hear the full demo on vinyl as the track Triumphal sympahony was omitted from a previous vinyl re-release years ago and the track Kein Entkommen suffered a sound bug.

This vinyl comes with a 12" x 12" inserts featuring old pictures, flyers etc. + liner notes by Meyhna'ch and Black Christ + excerpts of an interview of Vlad Drakul I conducted.

All tracks have been carefully remastered by Arjan of Heidens Art.

Black wax.

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