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Rotting Flesh (Bra.) "Mesologic colliquative effects.." LP

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Death Metal

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Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies.
One of the earliest forms of annihilating gore-tinged death/grind generated from the Brazilian necro-underground crypts of terror! "Mesologic Colliquative Effects Upon The Chronothanatognosis Methods Compendium" is a comprehensive collection of the band's hyper-sick legacy, collects all their recorded works from 1991 to 1994, featuring rare demo tapes, live recordings, "Infanticious Monstrosities" 7", the infamous "Submandible Linphatic Muscles" MCD for the first time on vinyl + live recordings, completely remastered for an unprecedented aural devastation.... 35 tracks of lightning fast, bulldozing grindgore of the deadliest kind, a unique blend of the infamous South American death-noise school of the early 90s, meeting classic late 80's grindcore influences (Fear Of God, V.N.A., early Napalm Death, Xysma etc..) Most of this stuff is appearing for the first time on vinyl. Includes foldout insert including rare photos, flyers and scans of the original tapes.

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