Infernal Death (Dk) "Demo 1 + A Mirror Blackened" Gatefold DLP (Clear) Vergrößern

Infernal Death (Dk) "Demo 1 + A Mirror Blackened" Gatefold DLP (Clear)

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Death Metal

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Ancient crushing, brutal Death Metal from Denmark. We are proud to announce our cooperation with legendary death metal cult INFERNAL DEATH, featuring ex members of SATURNUS, INIQUITY, ILLDISPOSED, DOMINUS and KONKRA! Raw, obscure and face-ripping death metal played the way it was meant to be played! 

This amazing double LP release features the band's Demo # 1 from 1992 including 3 never before heard tracks from the original recording session, as well as their 1993 / A Mirror Blackened demo. Features and exclusive LP only bonus track - 'A Surge For Revival'!

175 copies will be on clear vinyl.

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