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Mörk Gryning (Swe.) "Maelstrom Chaos" Gatefold LP

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Black Metal

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Black 12" vinyl (33 rpm) in sturdy printed inner sleeve with liner notes by Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin in gatefold.
First pressing 350 copies worldwide.

Re-issue of MÖRK GRYNING’s third full-length ‘Maelstrom Chaos’.

Swedish melodic black metallers MÖRK GRYNING’s third record ‘Maelstrom Chaos’ was recorded in the legendary Grieghallen Studios in Bergen, Norway and produced by Norwegian producer Pytten (MAYHEM, BURZUM, EMPEROR).
Taking a more orchestral approach with epic arrangements and longer songs, this album is seem as the most bombastic of the band’s discography to date, culminating with the incorporation of Mozart's "Lacrimosa" in the song "The Menace".

Tracklist :
Side A: A Perception of the AncientTemplarsOnt blodThe MenaceMaelstrom Chaos
Side B: My FriendsThe Darkness WithinBloodspring MirageForever Unhallowed PreponderanceDödens skald

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