White Medal / Wapentake (UK) "Same" Split LP Vergrößern

White Medal / Wapentake (UK) "Same" Split LP

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Altare is proud to present the vinyl version of the latest White Medal EPs ("Jorviking" from 2017 and "Division : Yorkshire" from 2020), and the vinyl version of White Medal / Wapentake split. 
White Medal needs no presentations. During the last decade, this project has been the most important and consistent project in the British underground, and there records, despite their experimental nature, present the band in its peak. Raw, epic, authentic. 
On the other side of the split, Wapentake is a folk/acoustic project that blends perfectly with the atmosphere of old Yorkshire.
Both records are presented with a 2 side print folded cover, each limited to 144 handnumbered copies. 

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