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Tsatthoggua (Ger.) "Hosanna Bizarre" LP

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Black Metal

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Info : "Hosanna Bizarre" is the debut album of the German lunatic squad TSATTHOGGUA. With the infamous "Siegeswille" demo tape from 1995 they unleashed their hazardous speed and poisonous skills in luciferian kinky arts. "Hosanna Bizarre" was originally released in 1996 and took the world of hyperspeed Black Metal by storm. Infernal hymns and black leather masks scream to the unholy scum of our world. Even nowadays, this album is a must have for the forgotten realms of mankind.

300 x white 12" (140g) full-color printed innersleeve on 220g, full-color jacket on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

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