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Ripping Corpse (US) "The Glorious Ass Ripping Demos" LP

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Death Metal

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All the bands demos, by far there best material and has never been released to date besides the cassette tapes back in the 80's. Limited to 300 Green vinyl on Reek of death records.

Side A.

Death Warmed Over Demo 1987

1.The Unblessed  

2.Dreaming with the Dead  

3.The Corpse Attacks  

4.Slave to Blood


Splattered Remains Demo 1989

5.Rift of Hate


Side B.

6.Exhumation Day  

7.Anti God  

8.Deeper Demons  

9.Sado-Masochists from the Grave  

10.Stone Garden


Glorious Depravity Demo 1990

11.Glorious Depravity  


13.Seduction of the Innocent

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