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Kalopsia (US) "Angelplague" LP (Black)

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Death Metal

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Kalopsia's brand new LP featuring eight new crushing songs!

Kalopsia features ex-members of Funebrarum and Dehumanized, as well as, current members of Deteriorot and Ruinous. The resume speaks for itself, but Kalopsia blends modern and old school death metal with extreme precision.

Side A
1. Destined to Return 04:13
2. As the Serpent Devours 04:31
3. Christened upon the Slab 03:44
4. Not Peace but Pestilence 03:17

Side B
5. Scorched Earth and Blackened Skies 06:22
6. Source of my Evil 04:34
7. Surge of Terror 05:04
8. Bitter Sacraments 03:51

Pressing information:
100 - Red vinyl
400 - Black vinyl

Additional information:
160 gram vinyl
100# gloss double sided insert
Hand stamped dust sleeve
Each copy includes a Kalopsia and Proper Death sticker

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