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Skeleton Of God (US) "Primordial Dominion" LP + Poster

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Death Metal

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Limited to 400 Regular Black Vinyl

Full colored poster of the cover art included in both.

Originally released in 2008 by the band themselves, "Primordial Dominion" is a 40+ minute trip of madness that definitely deserved a wider and massive distribution. Everlasting Spew Records is revamping this psychedelic slab of death infused metal with a new Slipcase CD version and Vinyl and Digital versions for the first time ever.

Skeleton Of God, based in Denver, Colorado, took form from the ashes of Hideous Corpse and helped forging Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal back in the 90s with their debut EP "Urine Garden" showing everybody that there were no boundaries in the genre. "Primordial Dominion" continues this way, a trip definitely without any kind of limitation, incorporating huge doses of psychedelia, mind bending doomish passages and severe attacks of grinding death metal.
The line-up saw the presence of Joel DiPietro (also in Exit-13, Satan's Bake Sale) who recently passed away at the age of 44.

Produced by Erik Stenflo and Jeff Kahn
Recorded by Erik Stenflo at Smoke Signal Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studios
Lyrics by Jeff Kahn
Art by Jeff Kahn
Cover art colorized by Daniel Bigelow

Vocals/Guitar: Jeff Kahn 
Drums: Erik Stenflo 
Bass: Joel DiPietro (R.I.P.)

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