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Christ Agony (Pol.) "Black Blood" Gatefold MLP

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Black Metal

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Four years after the release of "Nocturn" CHRIST AGONY returns with new release!
The "Black Blood" EP a 3 track mini album is the harbinger of the upcoming,
ninth full album coming next year thanks to Witching Hour Productions.
"Black Blood" is CHRIST AGONY's return to its roots of BLACK METAL, to the dark 90's and "Moonlight" period!
As Cezar himself said: "The circle of the wheels of time is complete... the black blood of the universe pumps the venom in the infernal veins".
The EP was recorded in Studio 666. The design and art was created by BLACKTEAMMEDIA (

Limited to 300 copies edition as a 12" black vinyl with gatefold jacket.


1.Black Blood Universe
2. Coronation
3.Kingom Of Abyss

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