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Evil Army (US) "Violence And War" MLP

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Thrash Metal

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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS!  All copies pressed on white vinyl with silkscreened black/white camo print on side B.  Comes with a lyrics insert.

Once again, signs of life from the EVIL ARMY camp: the brand-new Violence and War mini-album, and they're ready to attack! It's been two years since the Memphis thrashers' quick-hitting I, Commander 7" - itself the cult band's first studio release in many, many years - but with Violence and War, it's clear that EVIL ARMY are back and stocked with more ammo than ever. Five furious thrash-blasts as only EVIL ARMY can deliver, Violence and War is both some of the band's meanest songs to date as well as some of their catchiest. Raw yet clearly recorded, not an ounce of intensity is sacrificed here, the straightforward rush of adrenaline slotting well alongside the very best '80s thrash, be it the Bay Area or Germany, South America or Canada. Exclusively on 12" vinyl, Violence and War will be pressed on white wax with all music on Side A, and then Side B will be silkscreened with a black/white camo print.

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