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Nyogthaeblisz (US) "Apex Satanist" MCD

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Black Metal

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- Jewelcase CD with 4 page Booklet
- Audio Mastering By VK
- This is a release featuring a collection of previously unreleased demo(n)s spanning from post "Progenitors of Mankind's Annihilation" era to the post "Terroristic Onslaught of Humanicidal Chaos" Goatpenis split campaign. Collaborative cover artwork by War Korps & X.S., Apex Satanist artwork & sigils by X.S., and layout atrocities by Martial Opium.

post T.O.O.H.C.
1. Satanic Revolutionary
2. Apex Satanist
3. Operation: Satanic Resistance
4. Xeper-I-Satan

post A.P.T.T.G.T.
5. Daemonic Singularity: Annihilating Frequency
6. (Pentagram) R=2GM/C2
7. (Chaos Sigil) f = c / λ

post P.O.M.A.
8. Diabolist Militancy
9. Esoteric Fascism

- Limited To 1000 Copies

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