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Abyssal (UK) "Antikatastaseis" Gatefold D-LP (Black)

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Death Metal

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- 350g Gatefold Jacket With Matt Varnish And Inside Flooded In Black
- 2x 140g Black or Blue/Black Splatter Vinyl
- 250g Cardboard Insert
- Limited To 700x Black Vinyl and 300x Blue/Black Splatter Vinyl

With “Antikatastaseis”, ABYSSAL have taken things to a much more notable level of grandeur. With a more refined sound and production, “Antikatastaseis” takes the band’s level of dark atmosphere, ambience, and abstract death metal technicality to a sonic plateau even more massive and monolithic. A bit different than the previous full-lengths, while not forsaking the sheer brutality and darkness, “Antikatastaseis” brings more clarity and melody to the ABYSSAL sound with the addition of even more experimental dark ambient noise-like segues, while heightening the sense of abstraction and technicality even more.

Sound: http://abyssal-home.bandcamp.com/album/antikatastaseis

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