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Ghoulgotha / Ruin (US) "Same" Split EP

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Death Metal

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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present a special split 7″ between American death metal hordes GHOULGOTHA and RUIN, jointly titled Churning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease. Featuring an exclusive track from each band, this 7″ displays both GHOULGOTHA and RUIN at the height of their sickly, slimy powers. GHOULGOTHA's “Churning in Vertebraes” literally sounds like that: an amorphously twisting churn of foul 'n' gutted sound, weaving across eldritch, doom-drenched landscapes and crunching bone underfoot as it does so. Likewise, RUIN's “Becoming Disease” sonically approximates its title, beginning life as a fetid squelch of sewer sound and then building steam into a massive juggernaut of pustulent power, not stopping until total doom is ensured. As ever at BLOOD HARVEST, only death is real!

120 copies on Black Vinyl

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