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In Obscurity Revealed (Mex.) "Grim Fumes of Revelation" EP

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Death Metal

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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present IN OBSCURITY REVEALED's vinyl debut, Grim Fumes of Revelation, on 7″ format. A new entity formed in 2014 and hailing from Mexico City, IN OBSCURITY REVEALED play a rabid, roiling form of blackened death metal (or is that deathened black metal?) that breathes the madness of their southern climes whilst honoring a host of international influences. Across the two songs of Grim Fumes of Revelation, these four maniacs explode forth with two caustic, quick-hitting slices of scabrous, raw, yet clearly articulated darkness 'n' distress. Fierce and feral and imbued with an occult aura, IN OBSCURITY REVEALED's first EP is a violent, virulent introduction to one of Mexico's most promising hordes!

The band has signed to Blood Harvest for their debut album. To be recorded later this year!

Limited to 250 Copies!
All copies come with Download code.
120x Black Vinyl

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