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Psychrist (OZ) "The Abysmal Fiend/Demo 1992" CD

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Dark Symphonies is proud to unleash another death metal gem from the cult Warhead label!  Australian death metal act PSYCHRIST reissue on CD their 1994 debut full length album "The Abysmal Fiend".  Having been out of print for decades, we offer this amazing gem on CD format once again. As a bonus, this amazing release contains the band's 1992 Demo.

Psychrist was formed in 1991 in Canberra, Australia as part of the first wave of Australian Death Metal.   Beginning as a three piece (Ward, Marsden, Coffey), inspired by a hatred of organised religion and musically by the likes of early Morbid Angel, Death, Venom and Bathory, they began creating their own form of blackened death metal and are considered one of the pioneers of extreme music in Australia. 

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