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Morthus (Pol.) "Over The Dying Stars" Digipak CD

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Death/Black Metal

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After four years of playing intense live acts MORTHUS finally unleashes its debut album - "Over the Dying Stars". Heavy influenced by classical masterpieces of Bathory and Dissection this album delivers over 40 minutes of aggressive, blasphemous and adamant blackened death metal. MORTHUS follows its own path of vigorous, crushing DEATH / BLACK METAL in vein of the 90's raw sound.


MORTHUS – „Over The Dying  Stars”
1.Vastness Above (Intro)
2.Unholy Cult of the Ancient One
3.Gospel for Evil and Chaos
4.Revelation Hunt
5.Across the Void
6.Hate & Pride
7.Chant of the Blazing Breath
8.Sons of Black Fire
9.Doomsday Below (Outro)

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